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With over 11 000 employees and medical care locations in five European countries, Capio uses Citrix XenMobile to provide secure access to data and systems regardless of location. In Sweden, Capio is responsible for three local hospitals, more than 20 specialist clinics and over 70 health centers, called Capio Proximity Care. IT infrastructure at Capio Proximity Care centers can be operated either by Capio, or by the local council.

The Challenge: Providing quick and effective access to business information

With operations in 72 health centers in 12 counties, with a variety of IT environments, there was a challenge in ensuring that Capio could provide the same support for the business managers, regardless of the local infrastructure.

"We wanted a standardized solution that ensures our employees access to data and systems in a simple and secure manner regardless of the IT environment at the local health center ", says Daniel Olsson, Deputy Business Director at Capio Proximity Care.

Providing a mobile solution was of great importance. The goal is that all relevant company information must be available all the time, wherever you are.

La solution : Mobile devices with high security

Capio Proximity Care turned to Xenit, who has been a consulting partner for five years, providing Capio with their systems for telecommuting.

"In early 2013 we started to explore, with Capio Proximity Care, how the company can share information to business managers at health centers. Both because of its intuitive interface and a strong desire from the organization we came relatively quickly to the conclusion that investing in iPads, "says Linus Lindstrom, senior consultant at Xenit.

In April, the rolled out a pilot project with a small selected team of sixteen people. This was successful and expanded, and it was decided then to deploy in all health centers.

Using their iPads, business managers, can now take note of the financial reports and other financial data, as well as connect to Capio's core business systems. With the application Citrix Worx, Home user can access to Windows, Web and iPad applications, through an encrypted connection. The files are stored in the secure cloud service, Citrix ShareFile, where employees can access, their documents and reports.

The Citrix XenMobile deployment is managed by Xenit, which also manages the user support. "It's very much about removing and adding new users, and to make new resources available on the devices. If someone loses their iPad, we can quickly lock the device, track the GPS, or if necessary, remotely delete ", says Linus Windstorm.

Résultat : More efficient management of operations

By deploying a mobile device solution, the business managers have access company data, wherever they need it - at work, on the train or at home on the couch.

"Our goal is that business managers can focus more on managing the business, and less on administration," said Daniel Olsson.

Next, Capio is looking to deploy Citrix XenMobile to provide access to any kind of patient information with the high security

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We wanted a standardized solution that ensures our employees access to data and systems in a simple and secure manner regardless of the IT environment at the local health center.
- Daniel Olsson

Deputy Business Director

Capio Proximity Care



  • A standardized solution for Capio Proximity Care to share information with business managers
  • Business managers can spend less time on administration and more time to manage the business
  • Mobility, systems are available everywhere

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