Housing provider adopts Citrix XenMobile to manage and secure its fleet of mobile terminals

Domial helps to develop quality housing and conducts town planning for municipalities in the Alsace region of France. It also works as a social landlord and manages rental property for more than 12 000 housing units.

The Challenge: Maintaining a critical link with mobile employees

Because Domial has a high number of mobile employees that require constant connectivity, the company invested in a fleet of BlackBerry smartphones to allow its employees to check email from anywhere at any time. But with the recent emergence of the next generation of high-performing smartphones, Domial found that BlackBerry terminals were no longer adequate for its employees’ needs and expectations. The company wanted to upgrade its fleet of smartphones to provide its employees with more innovative and flexible technology while keeping control of the company’s fleet of mobile terminals.

La solution : Setting up a simple and reliable mobile device-management solution

One of Domial’s partners, Anetys, a software engineering and counseling company, directed the company to the Citrix XenMobile solution. “We were looking for a solution that would be simple to set up and allow us to provide our employees with more progressive mobile terminals while retaining the stability and reliability that BlackBerry terminals used to offer us,” explains Mathieu Pilarz, director of information systems and general resources at Domial.  

The company initiated a test phase to ensure that XenMobile was compatible with its terminals and Apple iPhone 4S and 5S. “We immediately saw that the Citrix solution perfectly met our expectations and we launched the deployment,” says Pilarz. “Through Citrix XenMobile we were able to provide more innovative smartphones to our employees that better fulfill their expectations.”


Simplifying remote administration of mobile terminals

XenMobile allows Domial’s IT department to remotely and simply manage the entire mobile fleet without manually working at the terminals. IT staff know the configuration of devices and when they need to be updated. Updates can be carried out remotely on all of the smartphones with a single operation. Likewise, if DSI needs to calibrate a new configuration or install a new application that will be useful for the entire workforce, or a specific group, no physical action is necessary.

Keeping company data more secure

Thanks to the Citrix solution, Domial employees have access to more “open” smartphones without putting the security of the company’s data at risk. “In case of loss or theft of one of our terminals, we can not only geolocalize it but also proceed with the remote deletion of all company data contained in the device. In addition, the Citrix solution allows us to use applications with high added value for the entire fleet, refining the control of terminals, for example, to verify that they are not unlocked by the users,” explains Pilarz.

“Combined with Citrix NetScaler, XenMobile offers the option of cutting off access to a terminal that would no longer be compliant with the requirements set by the company. This is one of the solution’s essential points, to not compromise the security of data,” explains Elyes Dridi, a consultant with Anetys in charge of the project.

Looking Ahead

Domial currently manages close to 70 mobile terminals using XenMobile and, in 2014, expects to surpass 100 terminals.

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Through Citrix XenMobile we were able to provide more innovative smartphones to our employees that better fulfill their expectations.
- Mathieu Pilarz

Director of Information Systems and General Resources



  • Offers simple remote administration of mobile terminals
  • Enables better security of company data
  • Increases user satisfaction

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