Ebab saves thousands with secure, remote access to specialised apps

Every organization wants to provide its workers with unfettered access to the apps they need. But not all companies have employees working from portable cabins and using complex 3D modelling software.

That’s the case at Ebab, one of Sweden’s top construction consultancies, whose 250 employees work on real estate projects from its Stockholm headquarters and across more than 20 temporary project sites.

For years, Ebab supported its highly-specialized applications, such as simulating energy usage in new buildings, by leasing everything from laptop PCs to dedicated data lines. But incidences of theft and unfavourable contract terms made it increasingly difficult – and expensive – to take this approach.

When Ebab’s IT services contract expired, the firm turned to Citrix Service Provider Wycore AB. Today, Citrix NetScaler grants Ebab’s employees secure remote access from any device to the firm’s many business applications. Citrix XenApp delivers a virtual desktop with access to virtual apps, and data from any device. Data and documents are stored securely in Wycore’s data centre.

The result? Ebab cuts costs, boosts employee productivity and handles advanced graphics. “Wherever I am, whatever device I have, I can log in to the Citrix desktop and have full access to my entire tool set, with no compromises,” says Thomas Kraft, chief technology officer for Ebab. “I have documents, content, applications, email – whatever I need – in a controlled environment. And it works every time.”

Annual savings of more than $100 000

Now that remote employees can connect to Ebab’s servers using Citrix technology, the company has replaced its pricey laptops and dedicated leased lines with HP thin-client terminals and regular broadband services using 4G routers. By doing so, Ebab achieves a cost savings of more than SEK1 million ($116 500) per year on hardware expenses and leased line charges. What’s more, Ebab avoids the high costs associated with regularly purchasing and provisioning new laptops for temporary staff.

Enhanced productivity and system availability

By switching to Citrix, Ebab employees no longer need to carry burdensome laptops to portable cabins or conference rooms.

In Ebab’s recently redesigned headquarters, employees can work temporarily on shared workstations by logging on to an HP thin client. Conference rooms are also equipped with thin clients and remote connectivity so that staff can instantly log on and retrieve their desktop sessions during a meeting. Ebab recently implemented a bring-your-own-device program, encouraging employees to install Citrix Receiver on their own devices to gain full access to specialized apps and information.

Increased security

With thin clients readily available and BYOD policies in place, employees don’t need to carry their laptops to remote project sites. The contents of Ebab’s thin-client equipped portable offices are not as attractive to criminals and overnight thefts have been dramatically reduced. Now that leased laptops are a thing of the past, so too are concerns about lost and stolen hard drives, many of which stored sensitive data.

“With Citrix, we’re not exposing ourselves to any risk,” says Kraft. “Whether I’m using my kid’s computer or I’m working in an Internet café, it doesn’t matter. I can produce.”

À propos de Citrix

Citrix (NASDAQ:CTXS) s’efforce de proposer un monde où les personnes, les entreprises et les objets sont liés et accessibles en toute sécurité afin de rendre possible l’extraordinaire. Its technology makes the world’s apps and data secure and easy to access, empowering people to work anywhere and at any time. Citrix offre un portefeuille complet et intégré de solutions d’espace de travail en tant que service, de mise à disposition d’applications, de virtualisation, de mobilité, de mise à disposition de réseaux et de partage de fichiers, qui permettent aux équipes informatiques de délivrer les systèmes stratégiques aux utilisateurs en toute sécurité, via le cloud ou sur site et sur n’importe quel périphérique ou plateforme. Le chiffre d’affaires annuel de l’entreprise a atteint 3,28 milliards de dollars en 2015. Les solutions Citrix sont utilisées dans le monde entier par plus de 400 000 entreprises et plus de 100 millions d’utilisateurs. Pour en savoir plus www.citrix.fr.

Wherever I am, whatever device I have, I can log in to the Citrix desktop and have full access to my entire tool set, with no compromises.
- Thomas Kraft

Directeur de la technologie


Principaux avantages

  • NetScaler Unified Gateway provides secure access to complex apps such as 3D modeling tools.
  • XenApp delivers a virtual desktop solution so that employees can work as easily from portable cabins as they can from on-site conference rooms.
  • Citrix Receiver provides easy access to existing XenApp installations.

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