Hedensted - best in terms of both price and service

Hedensted Municipality is voted the best place to live outside the metropolitan area and one of the best municipalities to do business with. In addition, Hedensted characterized by being effective and competent in terms of ICT use. The municipality has thus been at the top since 2006, in terms of user satisfaction.

The challenge: Structural reform ahead

In 2000, the Home Office launched the project "The digital municipalities". The project was a preparation for the upcoming merger. The project put Hedensted, Tørring-Uldum and Juelsminde’s IT departments together.

"In this process we implemented Citrix MetaFrame XP, so we could manage data easily and centrally, and we looked at the infrastructure level to prepare the merger of municipalities," says Kim Rex, the server administrator Hedensted Municipality. After the merger, the municipality has introduced more and more Citrix products, including XenDesktop, XenServer, XenClient, SharedApp (ex. Presentation Server) to establish an effective, centrally managed solution that reaps benefits of Citrix various virtualization tools.

Objective: To support our business optimally

The IT department consists of an IT manager and 11 employees. Here, work is focused and ambitious in developing the municipality's IT solution and has been working towards a solution, which is among the most visionary in Denmark.

"We have had the intention to make a solution that provides opportunities that support the business, and provides users with efficient and safe working tools," says Kim Rex.

Solution: Sure, well thought out and integrated Enterprise Solution

The result is a complete mobile solution built on top of the other Citrix solutions so that employees can work anywhere because they can access data and applications from anywhere and with all types of devices. Also the mobile solution is based on Citrix technologies, namely XenMobile and XenClient. This part of the solution gets Hedensted a safe, thoughtful and fully integrated enterprise solution.

"We want to continue to be a business-friendly municipality. Therefore, we utilize and included mobile technologies to provide the employees an opportunity to go to the companies and work with them when they are about to make building applications. This being the case allows processing quicker and more efficient, which is an advantage for both companies and the municipality," explains Kim Rex.

Control data - end-to-end

Hedensted through XenMobile Enterprise installed the "sandboxed" solution, a solution that makes it possible to distinguish between the enterprise data, such as municipal data, including sensitive personal data and user data. This is possible on all types of devices. This is safe for employees to take home on tablets.

In addition, using the municipality XenMobile’s Mobile Device Management tool can thus easily "push" apps and services like Wi-Fi and mail settings to users.

"With our solution, the municipality has complete control over the data, while allowing users to easily see their work, so they have no need to find alternative, unsafe solutions such as the use of Dropbox,” says Kim Rex.

In Hedensted your aim is to be a leader in Citrix and Microsoft solutions.

That ambition has meant that the municipality is running Microsoft Lync as part of Citrix via thin clients. This gives a lot of advantages in terms of ease of use and overview. Users can include making calls via laptops, forwarding calls and seeing the "presence" of colleagues through integration into Outlook.

The municipality also runs an attempt at health as home helpers who use tablets or smartphones, some places experiencing poor coverage.

"Here we are in the process of testing a solution comprising respectively. XenClient and Microsoft APPV which makes it possible to run the relevant applications offline,” says Kim Rex.

"We currently use NetScaler to access gateway load balancing. We are extremely pleased that Citrix has such a comprehensive product portfolio, it has enabled us to establish a coherent, thoughtful and safe solution that supports our business,” says Kim Rex.

Coup d'œil sur l'avenir

How Citrix has created all the technological basis for mobility in Hedensted and a safe way to manage all devices on, one is in the process of preparing a "full blown" BYOD approach. One expects that a political decision is made, the municipality set up a system where each employee gets an amount made available for the purchase of IT equipment. If an employee wants something different than the standard, he or she can pay the difference themselves and buy the required equipment over a team agreement. Via depreciation over time the equipment will be the employee's own. So if an employee wants a particular PC, Mac or smartphone, this is possible.

And that is the hallmark of our Citrix solution: It is good for the IT department, because it is safe and requires minimal resources to keep running for our 2 500 users. For users it is simple to use and provides a lot of opportunities
- Kim Rex

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In this process we implemented Citrix MetaFrame XP, so we could manage data easily and centrally, and we looked at the infrastructure level to prepare commune together-laying
- Kim Rex

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