INDURA cuts costs and strengthens data security with Citrix XenApp

INDURA, based in Santiago, is Chile’s leading producer of welding material, and industrial and medical gases. The IT department is responsible for administering, controlling and maintaining the operational continuity of the platform that provides all technological and communications services to its 65 branch offices in the region.

The Challenge: Expand regional presence with speed and security

To maintain its leadership position, INDURA needed to increase its presence in the region by actively participating in industry trade shows and expos relative to its various target markets. However, the cost of setting up a temporary IT infrastructure to provide application access at each of these events was a concern.  Also, the company wanted to open new branches quickly and cost-effectively to optimize its investment in these offices.  Key issues were ensuring the security of data over the network between remote locations and the corporate datacenter, and keeping the costs of these initiatives to a minimum.

Implementing an application virtualization solution from Citrix

INDURA opted to implement Citrix® XenApp™, Platinum Edition and Citrix® Branch Repeater™ with support from Citrix Consulting. In less than two months, the consultants were able to deliver strategic applications including SAP® R/3, Business Information Warehouse and Human Resources) and Microsoft® Office, Outlook® and Dynamics customer relationship management (CRM) using virtualization over the Web to 550 users distributed throughout the region. With fast, secure application delivery anywhere, on any device, INDURA’s business representatives can now take advantage of all the sales opportunities at events, regional expos and trade fairs, thus expanding the company’s visibility in the region.

Secure, cost-effective application virtualization drives business opportunity

XenApp enables INDURA to take advantage of opportunities to capture new business.  “Citrix XenApp lets us quickly establish secure online communications with our datacenter from any event. All we need is Internet access to be able to utilize all the corporate applications which the company has available,” said Marcelo Díaz, INDURA’s corporate head of information technology.

In addition, the Citrix solution allows INDURA to set up new branch offices in just two weeks, compared to the previous time of 70 days, which helps it expand its business more quickly and efficiently. In addition to accelerating organic growth, the company used XenApp to expedite integration of an acquisition.

“We acquired a Colombian company with 22 offices and 350 users located throughout the country. If we hadn’t had the benefits of application virtualization that Citrix XenApp gives us, we would have had to install the applications that the business needed on each one of the 350 computers, incurring very high implementation costs. From a technological point of view, Colombia’s incorporation was perceived by the end users as being absolutely clean and transparent, thanks to Citrix,” Díaz added.

Further, the Citrix solution is reducing communications expenses. “With Citrix XenApp and Branch Repeater, we achieved approximately a 70 percent reduction in regional office communications costs, which translates into a savings of about $200 000 annually,” explained Diaz.

Lastly, XenApp lets the company increase its data security by checking for the installation of potentially harmful software in its mobile equipment.

“We chose Citrix over other companies because it fulfilled our expectations for service quality. XenApp delivers a high level of performance and has a high return on investment. To sum it all up, on the basis of a cost/benefit analysis, it was the optimum product for us,” Diaz underlined.

About the Citrix solution

Citrix XenApp, a member of the Citrix Delivery Center™ product family, is the industry’s de facto standard for delivering Windows-based applications with the best performance, security and cost savings. XenApp is the most complete application virtualization system available. Citrix Branch Repeater is a branch optimization solution that accelerates application delivery to globally distributed users while dramatically reducing bandwidth costs and simplifying branch infrastructure.

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Using Citrix XenApp, we can grow by opening offices much faster because we can manage and deliver corporate IT services from the datacenter. In the past, opening a new office took a little over two months. Today, we need only two weeks.
- Marcelo Díaz

Directeur informatique




  • Reduced international communication costs by 70 percent or US$ 200 000 per year
  • Decreased branch office setup time from 70 days to just two weeks
  • Strengthened data security
  • Gestion d’applications simplifiée

Applications Delivered

  • Microsoft Office and Outlook
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • SAP R/3, Business Information Warehouse, Human Resources

Networking Environment

  • Citrix XenApp, Platinum Edition running on 10 HP ProLiant BL25p servers and a Cisco® Load Balancer for the two Web Interface servers
  • Microsoft Windows Server® 2003
  • 130 Wyse® Winterm™ V90 XPe thin-client devices, 30 HP 6120 and 6510B notebooks and approximately 300 desktop PCs with Windows® XP
  • 12 Branch Repeater appliances 8320 - 8820