Pulmuone improves security and creates a mobile work environment with XenDesktop

Pulmuone is a South Korean company based in Seoul, which manufactures food products that are sold within Korea as well as internationally. Under the brand names Pulmuone, Chan-ma-ru, Saeng-ga-deuck and Soga, the company sells soybean products, fresh noodles, dumplings, eggs, kimchi, mushrooms, desserts, frozen foods, soups and juices. Pulmuone encourages a lifestyle that supports personal health and the health of our planet. It is committed to LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) and is part of the new low-emission green growth movement. Through innovations in quality and process, Pulmuone has been actively pursuing LOHAS principles in its overall business management strategy. The company aims to increase its global presence and strengthen its position as a market leader in Korea.

The Challenge: Creating a flexible and secure work environment

Pulmuone strives to provide top-quality products and services so that everyone can enjoy a healthy lifestyle in harmony with nature. New product development, which is done at the company’s Technical Institute by research and development (R&D) staff, involves confidential and proprietary information. This critical information is also available to the sales team. In both cases, Pulmuone was concerned about the potential for security breaches with standalone desktops and laptops.

Dongsub Kim, IT Service Team manager, said, “The most important issue regarding our product development and sales teams is tight security.”

While the company sought to strengthen the security of the Technical Institute, the sales team was in urgent need of a flexible work environment so that they could meet the needs of their customers and markets promptly. They required seamless, secure, remote access to product information and data while working outside the company. Therefore, Pulmuone faced a dilemma: the business wanted to apply strict rules to control the way the employees worked and the employees wanted to be able to work freely outside of the office on a device of their own choice.

Implementing the Citrix desktop virtualization solution

The IT department at Pulmuone considered various methods for protecting the company’s key assets, critical information and development technologies while providing a flexible work environment for its Technical Institute and sales staff. After comparing and reviewing various solutions, they decided the best approach would be desktop virtualization and they selected Citrix® XenDesktop®, Enterprise Edition. Among its many benefits, XenDesktop enables strong security by centralizing applications and data in the datacenter and offers employees the flexibility to work from anywhere, at any time, using the device of their choice.

Pulmuone chose XenDesktop for its superior functionality and proven technology. The implementation started in June 2011.  Currently, more than 60 R&D employees and 100 sales people use the virtual desktop technology. They receive a personalized desktop that typically includes Microsoft® Office and the company’s internally developed enterprise resource planning (ERP) application.

Safeguarding critical company information

Pulmuone is now able to prevent the loss of important company information from standalone desktops and laptops by using desktop virtualization. Product development data remains on a central server behind the corporate firewall instead of being stored on local machines. R&D and sales personnel access this information on virtual desktops delivered over the network. These employees log onto their virtual desktops from existing PCs and can work with the confidence that no data is stored on the local device. Virtual computing has solved the previous security concerns.

“Our top requirement for the XenDesktop implementation was tighter security. In the past, there were many difficulties when our employees worked outside the company or when they used a private computer because the data was saved on the local machines,” said Dongsub Kim. “But after implementing desktop virtualization, the company was not only able to strengthen security by preventing the loss of R&D information via private computers, but also to efficiently collect and utilize the information previously stored on individual machines.”

In addition, the centralized administration features of XenDesktop allow the IT team to manage its information assets more efficiently compared to the previous process of visiting each desktop for required upgrades and maintenance.

Achieving a smart, mobile work environment

Work flexibility, such as being able to work productively from home, is very important to the success of the Pulmuone sales force.  Since their jobs involve checking e-mails frequently and confirming orders in real time, it is important for salespeople to be able to use corporate applications and data on their mobile devices. By leveraging a smart office environment with XenDesktop, the company has been able to support the sales force more efficiently with an improved work and collaboration environment.

After equipping the sales force with tablet PCs in September 2011, Pulmuone has been working on a full-scale transition to a smart working environment using mobile devices. It plans to replace existing laptops entirely with tablet PCs and deliver a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with XenDesktop and Citrix Receiver™. The company expects this will enable more-flexible and -efficient virtual workstyles that are free from the constraints of time or place, and ultimately will increase productivity. Dongsub Kim said, “When the XenDesktop implementation is finished, we expect that all of our salespeople will be able to work seamlessly anywhere on their mobile devices and be able to quickly respond to customers and to changes in the marketplace.”

Future Plans

After trialing the desktop virtualization technology in its Technical Institute and then with the sales force, Pulmuone will expand it across the whole organization. The company expects to gain benefits such as improved information asset management, stronger security and an environment perfectly designed for real-time task execution.

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When the XenDesktop implementation is finished, we expect that all of our salespeople will be able to work seamlessly anywhere on their mobile devices and be able to quickly respond to customers and to changes in the market place.
- Dongsub Kim

IT Service Team Manager

Pulmuone Co., Ltd.



  • Strengthened data security
  • Increased sales team productivity
  • Created a flexible work environment
  • Centralized IT administration

Applications Delivered

  • Microsoft Office suite
  • Proprietary ERP application

Networking Environment