Citrix TechEdge 2019 Deep Dive Training and Insights from Support experts
May 20 2019

May 20, 2019 | 8:00 AM EST

Atlanta, GA, United States


Omni Hotel

Citrix TechEdge 2019

Deep Dive Training and Insights from Support experts

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Available exclusively to Customer Success Services and Appliance Maintenance customers, Citrix TechEdge is the premier 1-day deep dive technical training event hosted by leading Citrix Support engineers. Citrix Support is committed to providing cutting edge training and expert insights to empower our most valued Support customers to succeed, which is why we’ve designed TechEdge exclusively for you.

At this event, you’ll gain the tools and methodologies for deploying, optimizing, and troubleshooting your Citrix Cloud, Apps & Desktops, Endpoint Management, and Networking technologies.


Profile Management is integral to maintaining a consistent user experience across Virtual Apps & Desktops environments. Getting the initial design & deployment right is often a challenge; Citrix Support experts are here to help. This session will provide you with expert advice on multiple Profile Management topics, such as how to design and deploy advanced roaming profile solutions, how to migrate profile stores from one location to another, and how to use built-in logging to resolve issues such as unavailable profile shares, temporary profiles, and slow logon. You will leave this session with an arsenal of knowledge to deploy and optimize Profile Management for your business. 

Workspace Environment Management uses intelligent resource and profile management technologies to deliver the best possible performance, desktop logon, and application response times for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployments. This session will demystify the complexity of Workspace Environment Management by providing you with best practices for deploying it in conjunction with provisioning methods. Learn strategies for reducing resource utilization on the VDA & see practical examples for using Workspace Environment Management to reduce session log on duration. You will leave this session with tips and tricks for troubleshooting deployments of WEM in Citrix Cloud and on premises.    

The integration of Citrix Gateway with StoreFront is one of the most common deployment scenarios for Citrix customers to secure and control access to Virtual Apps & Desktops. Minimize your time to value by leveraging the multiple product improvements made to facilitate deployment and troubleshoot app enumeration and launch issues. Become an expert in the latest tools available to Citrix Admins, such as the Virtual Apps & Desktops Wizard, the Authentication Test End User Tool, and the STA Connectivity Checker to optimize session performance. 

Citrix ADM provides a single platform to manage, monitor & troubleshoot Citrix Networking platforms deployed on premises or in the cloud. This session will help you master key deployment best practices for Citrix ADM with High Availability & Disaster Recovery, and will show you how to quickly diagnose and address the ‘no data error’ using the No Data Diagnostic Utility. You will leave this session with the expertise needed to deploy Citrix ADM according to enterprise requirements and troubleshoot the most common challenges efficiently.    

Citrix Admins value a simple interface for deployment & configuration of secure connections to Virtual Apps & Desktops. With the introduction of Citrix Gateway Service, you can leverage the simplicity desired and reap the benefits of a secure environment. Hear directly from product management and our Supportability team about networking product updates, such as Multi-Factor Authentication with Microsoft Azure and SaaS Application Support. Get the in-depth knowledge you need to successfully deploy Unified Gateway.    

Optimal performance, features and fixes can be found in the latest Citrix product releases. We want you, as the Citrix Admin, to be prepared to smoothly upgrade to the latest version and to be armed with the right tools to quickly troubleshoot and be up and running. We have simplified and improved the upgrade process through data analytics and customer feedback. This session covers how to use Scout to collect install logs as well as how to use MSI log analyzer to find resolutions to upgrade issues. Become an expert in the use of tools, strategies, and best practices that will speed up installations & upgrades.    

Controlling and monitoring user sessions are top of mind for optimal security & performance. Leverage Gateway Insight to gain visibility into the failures encountered by users, regardless of the access mode, when logging and launching sessions through Citrix Gateway.   Amongst many other capabilities, you can view active users’ sessions, bytes and licenses used, security and authentication events as well as launch failures for a particular user. Learn how to employ an end-to-end monitoring strategy with synthetic testing via App Probing. Proactively monitor your users’ app and desktop launch experience by setting up probes to troubleshoot issues related to the applications, hosting machine or connection before the users experience them.    

Adding a StorageZone controller to your data center provides the ability to manage your own data storage and comes with several benefits such as meeting regulatory requirements and locating storage closer to your users for optimized performance. When you leave this session, you will have the key steps for successful deployment and configuration of an on-premises StorageZone Controller including data migration from the Cloud. You’ll also be able to leverage advanced administrative settings for better user group management and access privileges as well as how to configure advanced authentication options such as single sign-on (SSO).