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Future of work with
Christian Reilly

Christian Reilly, Vice President Global Product & Technology Strategy, explains how Citrix delivers the experience, security, and choice that people and organizations need to unlock innovation and stay on the leading edge of productivity.

Journey through Citrix Cloud services: top use cases

See how Citrix Cloud services solve some of today's top IT challenges and help companies achieve a secure cloud strategy. Topics include overcoming IT resource constraints, infrastructure, headcount and specialized skills, and improving business continuity.

New approaches to business continuity

Many organizations have business continuity plans developed years ago, but as technology changes, new approaches have emerged. Discover new options, the associated costs, and how to architect a cloud-based business continuity plan.

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Step boldly into the future

Citrix Synergy 2018 will challenge you to act boldly and face a cloud-first world with the confidence you need to succeed. We’ll unveil the innovations we believe will give you more opportunities than ever by removing the risk of adopting new technologies while still maintaining the legacy ones, so you can create your own opportunity and step boldly into the future of secure, innovative work.

- Tim Minahan, Senior Vice President, Business Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer, Citrix 

Citrix Synergy 2019 | May 21-23, 2019 | Atlanta, GA | #citrixsynergy