Garantissez la conformité PCI-DSS

With payment card fraud at an all-time high, secure payment card standard have never been more crucial. Yet, since the adoption of version 3,0 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), organizations have been struggling to meet its hundreds of requirements. Even full compliance with these standards may not protect networks from advanced cyber threats. Les équipes informatiques ont besoin d’une solution puissante et abordable pour assurer la conformité.

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Popular techniques such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS) used to attack applications are at malicious levels. Attackers work these methods to try to get access to sensitive information such as intellectual property and customer data. Meeting PCI DSS Requirement 6,6, Citrix Web App Firewall can help protect against some of these common threats.

Integrated with the Citrix ADC platform, Citrix Web App Firewall enables enterprises to achieve and exceed compliance with PCI DSS. For example, PCI requirements outline installing and configuring a firewall to protect cardholder data. Citrix ADC répond à cette exigence en limitant l’accès sur la base de protocoles approuvés, d’utilisateurs authentifiés et d’autres niveaux de sécurité renforcés. Other requirements targeted include protecting stored cardholder data, encryption, regular anti-virus updates, and granular access controls.

As the industry’s highest-performing web application security solution, Citrix Web App Firewall, scored an overall block rate of 99,07% when tested by NSS Labs. It provides protection against all known attacks and zero-day application-layer attacks. It also defends against DDoS attacks, SQL injection, buffer overflow, XSS, and uses signatures that update regularly to defend against emerging threats. Citrix ADC also features infrastructure-layer security capabilities. As risks emerge, Citrix Web App Firewall and Citrix ADC are updated in real time and ready to tackle new threats or PCI DSS updates to maintain your compliance.

Notre plateforme hautement intégrée est conçue pour répondre à une série d’exigences de série de la norme PCI, réduisant ainsi le coût associé à la mise en conformité et au support informatique. By centralizing reporting and orchestration into the Citrix Application Delivery Management platform, Citrix Web App Firewall and Citrix ADC make it easy to manage, analyze bidirectional traffic, generate comprehensive compliance reports, and simplify admin tasks through a single console.

Produits Citrix

Citrix Web App Firewall

  • WAF le plus performant du secteur
  • Garantit la conformité PCI-DSS
  • Protège les applications des attaques connues et « day zero » visant la couche applicative

Citrix ADC

  • Fournit un pare-feu d’application web dans le cadre d’un éventail de services au travers d’une plateforme unique
  • Assure la répartition des charges, la sécurité des couches de l’infrastructure, la protection contre les DdoS (déni de service distribué) et l’inspection du contenu
  • Centralise les fonctions de reporting, de gestion et d’orchestration au sein de Citrix Application Delivery Management