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Running a global, high-performance web platform has never been more challenging. Web operators must contend with tuning site delivery to perform equally well from anywhere on the globe. Site owners must also deal with accelerating device proliferation and social-media-induced traffic spikes. While website performance now influences whether a quarter’s revenue numbers are made or missed, it is also difficult to stay a step ahead of your customers’ expectations.

IT needs more than traditional application performance monitoring and global traffic management tools. In order to meet today’s demands, you need the ability to use real user data to visualize the best place to position data, monitor user experience, and optimally guide traffic to content. Real-time data collection and processing allows actionable information and alerting for trouble shooting and experience tracking. This means you can stay ahead of internet outages and slow-downs and ensure you users always get the best experience

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Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management collects and collates more than 15 billion data points a day to provide the most accurate condition of the internet, and also leverages historical data to simulate potential content placement. Citrix can geo-locate your data centers and content repositories to help establish the best placement of your content in relation to your user base, as well as examine the latency between users and content across the globe. 

Too often, users have trouble accessing content for reasons that are not immediately clear. All lights are green and other users are not having any trouble—so it’s up to IT to investigate the problem. Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management helps you solve issues quickly by giving real-time status of internet connectivity between a user's ISP and your applications. By easily ruling out—or in—internet failures, IT is able to significantly speed up time to resolution.

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management also tracks changes in the internet conditions like latency between points, throughput, and reachability. By flagging these deviations as issues at the ISP level, IT can leverage this information as a way to monitor issues.

With Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management, easy configuration allows you to add specific clouds, CDNs and other services for tracking purposes, such as where your content and applications are hosted. You can set up alerts between sites and your primary user areas so you’re notified when conditions change. Being aware of potential issues before your users even notice keeps you one step ahead.

Citrix product

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management

  • Collect and collate 15+ billion data points a day about the condition of the internet in order to determine the best content placement.
  • Become aware of internet trouble spots in real time.
  • Flag changes in internet conditions at the ISP level.