Make collaboration spaces smarter

Citrix Smart Spaces for Collaboration offers a productive experience for onsite and remote users by automating any meeting and collaboration space.

Eliminate wasted time for meeting particpants

  • Instantly start meetings, saving time and frustration spent getting people and devices connected
  • Easily find spaces that corresponds to your collaboration needs
  • Automatically connect display screens, devices, and audio and join participants to the collaboration space
  • Integrates with Microsoft Skype for Business to easily connect onsite and remote participates as well as join meeting room screens to the session
  • Simplifies reservation of meeting spaces, making it easy to quickly find spaces for impromptu meetings
  • Uses Citrix Workspace IoT to automate how users interact with spaces, how devices in the room interact with the space and users, and how the space interacts with backend services such as Microsoft Exchange

Optimizes space utilization for the organization

Smart Spaces for Collaboration enables:


Usage analytics is available across all spaces, reporting on most and least used rooms.


View spaces that are booked and not in use, and conversely, spaces that are in use and not booked.

Flexible spaces

Any meeting area with a screen can be turned into a collaboration space, facilitating spur-of-the-moment collaboration with other offices and remote employees.  

Optimized energy

Based on room usage, Smart Spaces for Collaboration can automatically turn on or off screens, lights, audio, etc., optimizing energy spent in meeting spaces.

Extensible and customizable

Most meeting room solutions requires expensive and proprietary software with limited choices for hardware. Citrix Smart Spaces for Collaboration is a cloud based service that is easy to deploy and supports a broad range of affordable hardware options.

How to buy

Citrix Smart Spaces for Collaboration is currently available as an early access service for testing purposes. General notification will be provided when the service is available for purchase. If interested in participating in the early access program, you can request more information.